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Forgetful Persons Guide

Find your kids' lost shoes

The daily task of looking for our kids’ shoes seems almost inevitable. No matter how many times we ask our kids to place their shoes someplace they can find them, they always seem to find a way to lose them. Help your kids succeed in finding their shoes quickly by attaching Tile stickers to their shoes. Just go to the Tile store and buy your Tiles, attach them to their shoes (a two pack allows you to attach one on each shoe), download the Tile app to your iOS or Android device and you are ready to go. The next time your kids lose their shoes (even if it’s just one) just “ring” your Tile from the app and follow it to your shoe.

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Family 8-Pack + GNM (Black Friday

Easily find your kids' lost shoes

No more searching for your kids' shoes, find them fast with Tile's tracker

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