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Learn how to use Tile to simplify your life. Tile's tracker and connected partner devices work together with the Tile app to find your keys, wallet, phone, and everything else you love. Tile works on iOS and Android.

The Lost & Found

Tile is creating a world where everyone can find everything that matters. Here you'll find clever tips on using Tile, miraculous lost & found stories from our customers, and general inspiration we hope you'll love.

Tile Bluetooth trackers are a great gift for any mom on Mother's Day.
Celebrate Mother's Day with the Gift of Tile Trackers

Celebrate Your Wife on Mother's Day

By: Tile
Your wife or mother-in-law will love feeling special this Mother's Day. Try these thoughtful gifts and fun activities to make it a great day for the whole family.
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Pick a great valentine's day technology gift fast

How to Pick a Great Tech Gift for Valentine's Day

By: Tile
The great thing about tech gifts for Valentine's Day tech gifts is that they're the gifts that keep on giving, all year.
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Shop the best holiday tech gifts in 2020 using Tile’s holiday gift guide! Find something for everyone -- no matter who’s on your list.

The Perfect Holiday Tech Gifts for Anyone on Your List

By: Zahra
Tile’s series of trackers, from the classic Tile Pro to the sleek Tile Slim, make for the perfect holiday tech gift!
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