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Wheres My Wallet Tile 2
Mai 4, 2016

Where is my wallet

Ever go out to eat & leave your wallet behind while paying the bill? It happens to the best of us. Even Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, has lost his wallet in this exact same scenario!  

Luckily for our customer Mark D. from the UK, he had a Tile in his wallet.  Mark was able to find his lost wallet using the Tile app.  In addition to seeing on the map where he last had it, a community member also walked by his lost item within 5 hours, giving him an email notification of its updated location.  Tile has the largest community base who can help you get your stuff back because each phone acts as an access point for finding lost and found items. 

Mark was able to go back to the pub, and his mobile app showed him that his wallet was within 50 feet of his phone.  As soon as he told the manager that he had a tracking device in his wallet, the wallet appeared from a staff member!  We are so thankful we could help Mark get his wallet back with all the cash still inside. In addition to saving Mark 200 pounds, he saved all that time from canceling cards and getting new identification.   

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His full story is below.  Tile Tip: Place a Tile in your wallet or purse be able to recover it quickly. 

I had a lost wallet incident earlier today.

I ventured to my local Wetherspoons for breakfast as I do from time to time. I had my 6 month old daughter with me and got side tracked leaving my wallet at the table.  

5 hours later I asked "where's my wallet?"           

"I called Wetherspoons and asked if a wallet had been handed in.  They responded  "sorry, we've had nothing handed in."  I was adamant I left it there but obviously thought the worse. I ventured back in and asked a member of staff if a wallet had handed it in. Again they responded "no sorry." I took my iPad with me that tracked it to the location. I told them it was here somewhere because it's got a tracking device in it, and it says it's here. The more I walked around the app told me I was getting closer.  All of a sudden the wallet appeared in the hands of a staff member who remembers picking you up but didn't tell any other staff member.   The £200.00 cash was still in the wallet.   Money well spent."  

Thanks Tile, 

Mark D., United Kingdom
May 2016 

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