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September 21, 2015

Wallet Lifehacks: Stratos Review

In an era where a card exists for everything from credit to loyalty to transportation, each helps guide you through your day’s activities. Unfortunately, that’s a lot to carry around in your pocket. Maybe even a tad Castanza-esque. At Tile, we are always looking for innovation that changes the way we look at our daily routines and the problems at hand - which is how we came across Stratos. They have invented an awesome thin card that helps aggregate all your cards into one. We are all about pocket sized innovation, and this seems to fit well into that theme.

The Stratos Card stores all of your debit, credit, loyalty, gift, membership and other magnetic stripe cards on one secure device. Basically, anything with a stripe on it, you can digitally place onto this one thin card. The card pairs via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection with an iOS or Android mobile phone, utilizing similar tech that Tile does. The card itself stores three favorites that can be used at any time, with an unlimited amount of cards that can be stored and accessed digitally within the app. One of the more intriguing aspects is the membership program, similar to a "Hardware as a Service" model, where the company will upgrade the physical card for you each year as part of your subscription. Sounds pretty hassle free to us.

So whether you have a few cards, or just want to feel more secure about the cards you have, this is definitely worth checking out. We figure you always have your keys, phone, and wallet with you at all times, and it makes sense to talk about the innovation of all of these things to make your day a bit easier.

You can learn more about the card here: Stratos Card

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