3 Reasons Customers Trust Tile to Track Their Lost Phone

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Tile Tips02.01.2021

What Makes Tile Such a Popular Phone Tracker?

When you want to track your lost phone, try Tile. Our Bluetooth trackers and free easy-to-use app make searching for a missing phone simple. Whether you've misplaced your phone at home or lost it while you were out and about, we can help. Tile also works with different phone types, including Apple (iOS) and Android.

Coming up, we'll go through all the ways that Tile can help you track your phone. And while you may already be aware of various phone-tracking apps that can help you locate a phone so long as it's on and charged, stay tuned! Because Tile can even help you find yours when it's powered off or out of battery.

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How Do I Track My Lost Phone?

If you've asked yourself at least once in the last month, "How can I more easily track my phone?" then Tile has the solution you need! Our useful phone trackers can actually help you track your phone in multiple ways.

1. Track your phone when it's lost nearby:

Did you set your phone down somewhere in the house but just can't remember where? The most common way Tile is used to find your phone is to find a misplaced phone around that's been set to silent mode. Calling it from another phone won't help, but Tile will! If you're already using Tile to track your keys or wallet (or anything else for that matter) just double press the button on the Tile. As long as your phone is turned on and within Bluetooth range, it will ring loudly so you can find it more easily.

2. Track your phone when it's lost far away:

If you think you've left your phone in your rideshare car or at a restaurant, Tile can still help you find its location. When your phone is outside Bluetooth range, use the Tile app to track your lost phone. Simply download the app on a friend's phone or on another device you own, like your tablet. Log in to your account, and the app will show you the last known location of your phone.

3. Track your phone when it's powered off:

If you're the type that forgets to charge your phone, or if you're worried about theft, consider getting a dedicated Tile phone tracker. Pick a tracker like the Tile Sticker or the Tile Slim and attach it to your phone or phone case. The tracker will always keep running just in case you lose your phone. Any time you lose your phone, you won't need to turn the couch upside down or frantically check every cabinet in the kitchen. Instead, you can just use another device to ring the Tile or check your phone's recent locations.

As you can see, one of the major perks of using Tile to track your phone is that you can have access to your phone's location anytime, anywhere. It's important to note that Tile is able to track your phone when it's been turned off because of it's unique app and hardware tracking device! Unlike other trackers, Tile won't give up just because your phone ran out of battery or is lost in an area without service.

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Proof That Tile's Phone Tracker Really Works!

One of our favorite parts of our job is hearing from all the people who have used Tile to make their lives easier. We hear plenty of great, real-world examples of how Tile works from our satisfied customers. Here are some highlights that show why customers trust us to track a lost phone.

• According to Esther, Tile has helped her find her phone whether it's ended up in the fridge or the basement. Her favorite part is that the Tile app works from her tablet and other devices, so she can use the phone tracker feature to hunt down her missing device.

Roger M. happily reports that the ring of Tile even works with his hearing loss. Since the little chime repeats at various frequencies, Roger can hear the Tile ring even when it is quieter than his basic phone ring.

• Another one of our users, Ron, also loves the sound of the Tile ring because it helps in the dark. When Ron's phone got misplaced in a shadowy nook underneath his truck, he couldn't find it just by looking around. However, Tile's ring helped him quickly track down the phone.

Diane says the Tile phone tracker is especially good for her mother with dementia. Since Tile's battery lasts over a year, it keeps tracking regardless of whether or not Diane's mom has remembered to charge her phone recently.

• A final reason that Tile works so well as a phone tracker is its portable size. Mandy explains that she prefers the Tile Sticker, since the adhesive backing lets her stick the tracker directly onto her phone case.

Ultimately, there are all sorts of great reasons customers count on us to track a lost phone. Tile trackers are reliable, help you find your phone quickly, and are very easy to use. If you'd like to learn a bit more about how our trackers work, the Tile Help Center is here to answer your questions. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see more neat ways of using Tile.

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