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Lost Your Laptop Tile App

Track Your Lost Laptops


It happens to everyone.

You’re racing from home or work and you space: you leave your wallet, coffee or notes on the roof of your car and drive away. Sure, it’s a shame to lose your piping-hot cup to the highway, but what about losing your laptop? 

It happened to Ben--somewhere between work and home, his laptop flew off the roof of his car at 70mph.

Lost Laptop Found Map

Just days before this unfortunate event, Ben had adhered a Tile Slim to his laptop. He wasn’t expecting the worst, but, when the worst came, he was prepared.

When he noticed his laptop was gone, he checked his Tile’s last known location on his Tile app, and although he found his laptop smashed and broken he was able to pull 1.25TB of important and personal data off the computer for safekeeping.

Be like Ben--don’t count on pure luck--make your own!  Tile the stuff you care about and leave your app open or running in the background to take advantage of last place seen

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