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Tile Pregnancy Brain App

How Tile Helps with Pregnancy Brain


"Pregnancy Brain" is a real thing. We hear this from a lot of pregnant women that Tile helps them not lose their mind by helping them keep track of the little things, so they can focus on the big things. It usually helps out their partner too!

True Story. My wife & I are 29 weeks (7 months) pregnant and we have a two year old. We are very organized people, but the combination of a pregnancy and a toddler tend to take away from some of the mental mindspace we used to have. It can just be little things like remembering where the iPad went, or who used the shared car keys last. We use Tile on a daily basis. And being pregnant, she tends to misplace things a lot more frequently. My wife lost her wallet in the last few days and didn't notice because I had been paying for the weekend purchases. When we were getting ready to go to Daycare on Monday, she asked me "where is my wallet?" Of course, I personally had no idea. This sets off the chain reaction of couples being responsible for each others items and the stress it creates.

Eventually, she drove to work regardless hoping that it would turn it. She could not ring her wallet with the Tile app because she had forgot her password and it was not setup as a shared tile. We were able to reset her password later that day and mark the Tile in her clutch as Lost. Within two hours, another employee had walked by her car, and we got the email that her wallet was found. IT WAS IN HER CAR THE WHOLE TIME under a sweatshirt.

I would personally recommend Tile to all parents and especially any couples who are expecting.

Patrick, Tile

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