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Tim Found His Stolen Backpack in an Unexpected Place


I was in Oakland CA covering the NBA Finals when my rental car was broken into and my backpack was stolen. 

Since I travel for work it had most of my life in it: MacBook, iPad, headphones, backup hard drive, prescription glasses, passport, and keys to my pickup that is sitting in the airport garage back home. We called the police to file a report. After calling the police I launched my find my iPhone and set it to notify me when either my MacBook or iPad was found. 

I launched my Tile app and walked around the restaurant I was at, hoping it would find the Tile on my keys. It showed the last time it was connected was when I was driving out of the parking lot earlier that evening. 

After waiting 3 hours for police, I called back and they said for my convenience (and theirs) I should file the report online. So I did. By the following Wednesday, though, I had pretty much given up on finding anything, so I set about replacing my bag, MacBook, canceling my passport and setting up a locksmith to make me a key when I get back home on Saturday. 

But then, just a few days later, I got a message from Tile that it had a hit on its location! 

It mapped my stuff to a parking lot 28 miles south of the Arena. I drove down and found it in a bush with the Tile location app almost exactly where it mapped it to. Although it was missing the MacBook, iPad and prescription glasses I was still super happy to recover the rest of my life. Thanks, Tile, and thanks to my daughter Mia who actually gave it to me for Christmas.

- Tim M.

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