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August 12, 2015

Tiled Family Across 3 Continents Finds Lost Wallet

Four amazing Tile users across Canada, Ireland, and Amsterdam worked together to help find Dad's wallet which actually made it back to Australia. It takes a community, and apparently Tile's Network across the world helps out a lot. A friendly reminder, Tile is great for families who travel! Always know where you had something last!

"Recently I was on a plane between Cork and Amsterdam and purchased a new watch.

When I got back to New Zealand, I unpacked everything and had a sense of unease. It appeared that I had lost my watch and wallet , they were not in my suitcase or backpack. I believed I had left them in Amsterdam and even asked my son in Netherlands to look in his flat. I also sent an email to a hotel in Ireland asking them if the old wallet was with them. I was very despondent.

I then saw my Tile tracker on my car keys and realized that my old wallet also had a Tile in it. I pressed my TILE on my phone to ‘find David’s Wallet’ and elatedly I saw it was saying and showing that it was in my house! Great!

It appeared I was going to get my wallet back. I pressed the Tile and heard a small buzz coming from the cupboard where we store our suitcases - hidden in the attic. In a backpack, hidden in a tiny compartment, inside a suitcase, was my wallet and also a watch I had bought while traveling."

Kind regards,

David, AU

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