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September 8, 2015

Tile in Outer Space!

NASA, we have a go!

Design agency @Pinkskystudios launched a Fig into outer space as part of a marketing campaign. What did they use as backup to the onboard GPS unit? Tile!

When asked about why they selected Tile, the agency admitted to being personal users, but also noted that the Community Coverage in the UK would be very helpful in recovering it if the GPS failed, and it was lightweight & easy to use. They also figured that if it was in high grass or a tree, the sound of the Tile chip would also help them find it faster.

While this is not the international space station, for a lean startup like Tile, knowing that we were the technology of choice for such an important mission gives us great pride.

The Flying Fig was recovered near the Oxfordshire town of Banbury by someone named Paul. The entire launch and coast down to earth took about 2 hours, with a successful recovery. It is also worth mentioning that the Tile that was exposed to the outer edges of space is still working just fine.

If you are an avid weather balloon operator and want to include Tile in your next launch plan, let us know.

Watch the Video Buy Tile for $25

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