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Found Backpack - Connor

A Thief Gets Arrested & Conor Gets his Bag Back


Often, when someone’s stuff is stolen in a public place, a thief will dump it in the trash after they have taken out any valuables.  Luckily, if you have Tile, there is a chance you can get your stolen property back.       

Conor had his bag stolen at a bar. The entire bar came together to pinpoint the person who did it and the bouncer even pinned the guy down on the sidewalk for an arrest.      

“Cops arrived after the suspect gave chase and was caught and pinned on the sidewalk by the bouncer. We gave our info to the cops and they arrested the thief and told me they would contact me if the bag turned up. I had no hope to ever see it again.”   

Connor looked everywhere and even came back the next day to check all the alleyways and bushes around the establishment.   

Three days later, his bag was “found” by a community member in a nearby dumpster of another restaurant.  Without the Tile community, it would have been off the trash dump. Even worse, on this set of keys was the key to his bike lock, which annoyingly secured his keys to a pole which he could no longer unlock.

All together, Tile was able to get his stolen property back saving Conor $120 dollars & resulted in an epic bar story.  

The full testimonial is below:   

Conor D., MN”

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