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Oktober 16, 2015

Separation Anxiety at 60MPH & A Happy Ending

When you travel, things tend to go missing for a number of factors. Maybe you are breaking your routine, or sometimes it's just being darn unlucky with the forces that be. If you are in an airport, there is chance that your lost bag is somewhere in the system. However, if you are braving the elements on your Triumph motorcycle, there is no backup to a lost bag - except if you have Tile.

Paul rides, and he also is a Tile user. While riding his bike, his bag fell off the back of his bike. Between the road noise & his helmet, he never heard it fall off, but luckily Tile knew exactly where it last saw it. Last place seen is one of the most valuable features reported by the Tile community - it records the last known location of an object on a map based on bluetooth connectivity. Paul had no clue where or when his bag had fallen off, or how long it had been missing. But then he remembered his Tile app. It turns out it was a few miles back. Although his bag had been run over a few times, he was able to get back his stuff in a relatively short amount of time. When life happens, Tile is there to help you out.

"This was so awesome! My bag fell off my motorcycle and I went three miles before I discovered it. Went to Tile app and it knew EXACTLY where the bag was "

-Paul Q, Denver, CO

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