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Lost Epipen Tech Tile

Lost EpiPen Found


One use case that has shown up several times is using Tile for medical devices. We've heard from people with everything from Diabetes to Asthma. For many of these people, they don't end up using Tile every day, but as their small medical devices move from place A to B, sometimes they wander off. It's great peace of mind to know where it was last seen, or that it did make your backpack this morning with a quick glance on your phone. The following story is from a mother who has a child with a food allergy. It helps them keep track of her EpiPen at home and at school. They have used their EpiPen to find it when it gets misplaced, but most of all she speaks to how it provides peace of mind for their family. Thank's Heike for the story.

She says this is a great device for all parents with children who have food allergies.

"My eight-year-old daughter has severe food allergies, and needs to carry an EpiPen. It’s hard at times to keep track of that thing: it needs to move from my purse, to her backpack, to my husbands pocket. She also has a set of EpiPens at school—which similarly goes from the safe classroom place, to the playground, to the teacher’s backpack on field trips.

Despite being as thoughtful as we can be, the EpiPen pouches have a habit of getting misplaced. As we can’t go anywhere without them, and must be able to grab them quickly in an emergency, it’s really important to be able to find them right away! That’s where Tile comes in: Tile has found missing EpiPens for us many times around our house, right on our phone—and also out and about once: One afternoon, theEpiPen pouch was missing, as we were heading out for an excursion. We activated Tile, but couldn’t find it at home (where Tile has often before helped us find it). So out we go, retracing our step from the morning, calling places we’d been in the hopes someone may have spotted the pouch. Among the places we called was the library, but the librarian said they hadn’t found anything. Well, an hour or so later, the Tile app notified us that the EpiPen had been found—not in the library itself, but nearby. Whew: what a relief!

Another day, my daughter was supposed to leave for a field trip, and the school EpiPen set wasn’t in its proper spot. With the Tile app, we were quickly able to locate it in the school—in time for her to leave on her field trip safely, with her medication where it needed to be.

I’ve been recommending Tile to all friends with food allergies, and suggested our school mention it to other parents of allergic children: it’s just the perfect tool to keep track of medication for independent children with active lives!

Thanks for making a part of our lives that can be challenging at times, just a little bit less so."

Heike L., CA

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