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Tile Marina Key Finder

Wireless Key Finder Helps Find Lost Car Keys


Have you ever lost your keys and said to yourself "I know they were just here!"

George had a long weekend on a boat, and when they docked back at the Marina, his keys were not where he knew he put them.  But George didn't lose his keys, he friend took them by accident. He thought they might be on the boat somewhere, but our bluetooth key finder told him if was really close by.  He decided to check his buddy's car & there it was!  

Your memory can play tricks on you, especially in situations where you break your routine like a 3 day weekend trip. However, there are cases where the elements or other people move your stuff as well.  Usually, they are just a few feet away, but without technology like Tile, it could take hours looking for something you lost.  We are glad that we could help George get his keys back and get back to his life.  

"After spending a weekend on the boat my keys were scooped by a friend and put in another friends car. The Tile told me it was on the property, but the car I rode in was empty. The tile time after time said I was close.  So I decided to check other cars by chance somebody took them.  The tile was right, for all I knew the keys were left on the boat." - George R.

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