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Mai 3, 2015

Great App for Couples & moms

We often joke around the office about how Tile can save marriages and prevent hours of arguments between couples, however there is an element of truth to it. Being in any relationship means more things, and a diffusion of responsibility over who keeps track of what. Especially in the case of shared objects such as a shared car or a TV remote. And then their is always the case that "my partner loses more stuff then I do." Whether or not that is true, its nice to have another person help look. We do not have any data to prove that Tile has helped relationships and interpersonal dynamics, but we have gotten several qualitative reports about how it has helped couples & roommates avoid disaster and save time. Our sharing feature is one thing that we believe will really help people find their stuff faster with the help of their inner circle. Here is one great testimonial from one of our community members. Dear couples, keep in mind that Tile is also a great https://www.thetileapp.com/mothers-day.

"Marriage comes with a long list of tasks. But stopping what you're doing when you hear "honey, can you help me find..." isn't on that list anymore! After years and years of my husband losing track of his wallet and keys around the house I just had to investigate possible solutions. Though my research I came across many options but loved all the functionality Tile had to offer. Not only could he put this on his key chain but he could also stick on in his wallet! I couldn't wait to give it to him; after all this was in a way a gift for myself too. We've only had the Tiles for 4 months but we already know they're a life saver! I no longer have to stop what I'm doing to help him find his keys he left in our daughters room, or the bathroom or under the bed. Tile finds everything with the paging capabilities. I could not be happier with this purchase, we will surely be Tile customers for many years to come!"

-Maria M

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