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September 28, 2015

How Tile Saved me from Running out of Gas

Let's start with saying I have no sense of direction. When I drive, I end up using my phone for turn by turn directions, and it is my personal navigator for whenever I go out of my personal driving bubble. Yes, I have outsourced all of my working memory to this little device. Last weekend, I came up with a very real and urgent use case for Tile's Find my Phone feature. Let me start from the beginning.

I was returning back from the SF zoo with my 2 year old child driving down the 101. When I looked down at my heads up display, my Prius informed me that I had only 8 miles of power (can you say gas in a Prius?) left in my gas tank. My brain launched into panic as I dreaded informing my wife that I had run out of gas on the side of the road with my child in the back seat. My first instinct was to use Siri to ask where the closest gas station was, however my phone was not where always is. Do I drive another 5 miles and hope that I see a station or assume the gauge is correct? Then I had a brilliant idea. I quickly figured out that I could use my Tile to ring my phone! The day was saved! Siri was able to guide me to a gas station in San Bruno and we got back just in time for nap time.

Something we hear all the time is that "I never lose things." I used to think this too, however, it's in those strange outlier moments where you need Tile to work – and it does. I am so thankful that Tile got me out of a tough spot, and that it helped me find my lost phone. I would have found it eventually, but it gave me peace of mind that I could quickly use Tile without even opening the phone for a hands free experience.

- Patrick, Tile

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