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Dumpster Tile Keys Found

Found my keys in trash


One of the top places that keys end up being found is the trash! While this may sound absurd, those tiny keys often end up being thrown away while tidying up around the house or a restaurant. So, if you find yourself saying "where are my keys" they may actually be in the garbage. With Tile, you can at least see if it rings before you dive in :)

"My husband "lost my keys" and thankfully we had a tile on them! Somehow he threw them in the dumpster at our showroom, I guess while throwing away some trash. We looked everywhere for them, and when the little ringer started going off, we couldn't believe we heard it in the dumpster! Thank you so much!"

- Angela C

In addition to helping Angie find her keys, Tile removed the extra anxiety of having to replace all her keys and the financial cost of replacing a smart key which can be $100 or more.

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