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November 18, 2016

creative real estate promotional swag

Tile is a great swag item for anyone involved in real estate or property management.  With the rising costs of rents across major cities, the challenge of providing a unique experience for all residents is becoming an essential task of marketing teams & community managers for commercial & residential markets.  While the core of this experience is based in amenities and unit offerings, small touches can make a big difference for residents. 

We found out about Sequoia through social media, who represent a group of amazing mix of suburban garden-style, urban high-rise, and student housing rental properties along the west coast. Sequoia believes in elevating the living experience in their communities, and one of the finishing touches they do for all their residents is by giving new renters a free Tile when they move in.  It's a small peace of mind for their keys, but it allows for the entire community to look after each other through the community find feature.  Additionally, the Sequoia team noted that from a marketing perspective, Tile was a very affordable piece of swag that was also thoughtful, and spoke to the personality of their residents. 

Tile visited Portland, Oregon to meet some the residents of Harrison Tower and help them get set up with the Tile app.  

If you are a real estate agent or represent a property management group, consider Tile with a Corporate bulk order that includes your logo.  Tile is an creative & unforgettable gift that will help with customer loyalty & referrals.  The Corporate Promotions page can be found here.

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