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Mai 1, 2015

Colorado Alzheimer's Association event - Memory Loss

Tile is about Community. We recently had heard from a few of our customers that some of our community members were using Tile in early stages of memory loss to find things they used every day. Currently about 44 million people are living worldwide with Alzheimer's and over 5 million Americans have the disease. It greatly impacts both the victims and families of the diseased. While we as a company had traditionally stayed away from medical uses, knowing that we were helping people who really needed it every day resonated with us. A few weeks later we heard from a local Colorado chapter of the Alzheimer's Association that they wanted Tile to help out with an event about Alzheimer's education for caregivers, families, and medical professionals. Tile was happy to help such a cause and find out more about how we could help people with early stages of memory loss including Alzheimer's disease. Over 30 people came to the event, and guest speaker Eric Rill, author of An Absent Mind, came to talk about his experiences. http://ericrill.com/

While Tile may not be a perfect fit for people with late stages of Alzheimer's, if you know someone that struggles to find their wallet, keys, phone, jacket, or other device, Tile could make small moments of their day better.

Steve Zimmerman, moderator of the event, advised the attendees that use of the Tile would certainly enhance caregiver's lives and might ease some of the burdens of caring for a loved one.

Lastly - if you want to learn more about Alzheimer's or how to give, click here: http://www.alz.org/co/

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