25 ways to use the Tile Sticker This Winter

Tile Tips11.26.2019

It’s easy to catch a case of the winter blues once the excitement of the holiday season winds down. 

Maybe you live in a place where it’s too cold to go outside, or maybe you’re just a little exhausted from the travel, parties, and activities surrounding the holiday season. But fear not: we have your secret weapon for winter fun—and it’s about the size of a coin. Check out our 25 ideas for using your Tile Sticker this season, and get ready for your best winter yet.

1. Camera - You’re the unofficial photographer for all the wintertime parties. It’s a hit! Just make sure you don’t lose your camera towards the end of the night. Another Camera - Maybe you have two—this is your nicer one. Heck, we don’t know your life! But if you do have one, we know you want to keep it safe. 

2. Suitcase - We’ve got public holidays in January and February—take a 3-day weekend trip. Maybe somewhere warm so we can live vicariously through you. 

3. Backpack - Because you still have responsibilities.

4. Jackets - We never judge—we know how easy it is to leave a blazer behind in a coat-room, or lose your winter jacket in a sea of other seemingly-identical ones.

5. Snowboard - Because you hang loose but are also practical. Nothing is too big or bulky to misplace...trust us.

6. Snowboard bag - Sticker also works here!

7. Ski boots - Put one on each...they only work if you have ‘em both.

8. Helmet - Safety first. Actually, this counts as double safety, since you’re keeping safe something that keeps you safe.

9. Goggles - More double safety. We love this.

10. Gifts - While some gifts were made to be re-gifted, every now and then, someone you love gets it so, so right. Don’t lose that priceless first-edition—they may hate you forever. 

11. Glasses Case - The plight of bespectacled humans everywhere. Finally, free yourself from lost glasses.

12. Laptop - Because work. And streaming TV. 

13. Laptop Charger - Because we know you’ve run down that battery life. No shame in the game.

14. Remotes - These things act like they actually have legs. Stop the madness, please.

15. Game Controllers - For cozy and competitive nights in. 

16. Tablet - Whatever you were going to do on your phone, do it bigger.

17. Headphones - Yes, they’re small. But Sticker is smaller. 

18. Coffee Mug - Next time Gary in Accounting takes your lucky mug from the break room, you’ll know. (Disclaimer: Sticker is water safe, but it is not microwave safe!)

19. Water Bottle - Because you can’t live on coffee alone.

20. Leash - When your pup's gotta go and it's subzero temps outside, speed is of the essence. 

21. Inside Your Car - Just in case parking gets crazy. Or you lose your mind while holiday shopping and need a little help.

22. Bike - Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t get outside! Go on an adventure. But beware—a bike is stolen every 30 seconds, so take precaution.

23. Gifts - An affordable Tile is the perfect add-on to a valuable gift. 

24. Umbrella - Rain, rain go away! At least it’s not snow. Either way, don’t forget to bring it along.

25. Passport Cover - When all else fails, head to the beach.

There you have it. No matter what your ideal winter activity looks like, have peace of mind that you can discreetly add the safety of a Tile to any important item, big or small. Now, go forth and live your best (and most responsible) life. Let us know what you’re up to, and what you’re adding Sticker to, online!