Don't Get Caught in the Rain Without This Umbrella Finder

By: Tile
Tile Tips04.15.2021

The Benefits of Using an Umbrella Finder

When the first raindrop falls from the sky, most people reach for their umbrella. However, they often get misplaced between rainy seasons. A lost umbrella is often a huge inconvenience that leads to ruined hair, damp clothes, and damaged electronics. To stay dry during a storm, you need to make sure you can locate your umbrella with ease. The Tile umbrella finder means you don't have to worry about getting caught in a rainstorm anymore. We can help you find your umbrella even if it slid under a car seat or got left behind at a restaurant.

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Say Goodbye to Hassle on Rainy Days

When the weather's nice, you probably don't think about your umbrella much. However, when it starts raining, this rarely used device becomes essential. Unfortunately, many people find it hard to keep track of their umbrellas. The average person will lose multiple umbrellas in a lifetime. Furthermore, umbrellas have the frustrating tendency to disappear right when you need them most. You often toss them on the porch or in a closet after using them, and then it's easy to forget where your umbrella ended up.

After you finally track one down, you still risk losing it. The problem with umbrellas is that we carry them around, but once we get inside, we don't use them. This means it's super easy to leave yours in an umbrella stand at work or in your shopping cart at a store. Even if you always remember to take your umbrella when you leave a place, there's also the risk of theft. If your umbrella is just sitting in a stand, someone else can easily grab it either intentionally or accidentally. 

How Tile Works to Find Your Umbrella

If you're tired of getting drenched in rainstorms, install a Tile umbrella finder on your umbrella. Options like the Tile Pro can be looped onto the latch or rib of your umbrella, or you can stick a Tile Sticker directly on the handle. To use the tracker, download the Tile App and sync the tracker to the app. After it's set up, you can just forget about it until you need it. With batteries lasting one to three years, Tile umbrella trackers keep working through multiple rainy days.

When you go to step out the door into a downpour and realize your umbrella is nowhere to be found, grab your phone and open the app. Tapping the "Find" option will ring your Tile. Then you can listen carefully and follow the sound to find your umbrella. Whether it's bundled up inside an old purse or shoved in the corner of the hall cabinet, the loud ring can lead you to your umbrella. 

Tile's tracker can also help if your umbrella gets lost while you're out and about. Any time your missing umbrella is outside the Bluetooth range but should be nearby, start by just walking around. It's possible you just left it across the office or at the front of a store, so you may be able to move around until you can ring the Tile. Next, take a look on the map and see your Tile's last known location. This can help remind you of spots you took your umbrella, so you can track it down before the next big storm.

If your umbrella still hasn't shown up, turn to the Tile Network. Our Network is basically the world's biggest lost and found community. Once you mark the item as lost and tap "Notify When Found," every device with the Tile app anonymously scans for your missing umbrella. When a Tile device eventually comes in contact with your umbrella tracker, your app will give you the GPS coordinates for the umbrella without revealing the information to anyone else. Then, you can drive to the spot and try ringing your Tile to find the missing umbrella.

With our tracker, you don't have to choose between wasting time looking for your umbrella or arriving at your destination soaking wet. Instead, the Tile tracker helps you quickly and easily locate a misplaced umbrella. If you would like to learn a little more about how our products work, feel free to send questions to our Help Center. You can also see other great ways to use Tile trackers when you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.