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October 5, 2015

Camera Tracker Locates Photographer’s Lost Luggage Across the Globe

We all know that awful feeling of losing your bag when you’re traveling. Rushing from terminal to terminal, praying that you make your connecting flight, somehow you end up on your plane...but one of your bags does not. The likelihood of an airline losing your luggage is less than one percent (about 0.7%). That means that the majority of lost luggage is a result of our own forgetfulness.

What if there were a tiny Bluetooth luggage tracker you could slip into any bag to help you locate your bags when they go missing? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, as Tile community member and New York wedding photographer, Ryan Brenizer, discovered, this dream can come true.

Returning stateside from a photography conference in Dubai, Brenizer misplaced one of his bags containing thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

“The data you can back up, but, unfortunately, you can’t back up a camera -- you can’t back up a physical lens.”

Brenizer did have a back up, however. He’d placed a Tile in every one of his bags to use as a luggage tracker if this exact thing should happen. He marked his bag as lost and set his mind on trying to mitigate his losses with positive thinking. Then in the middle of the night, he received an email from Tile letting him know his bag had been located in Zurich, Switzerland. “Not even the country we were looking in. It just shows you that there was no way that through conventional means we ever would have found it.”

Of course, Brenizer’s story could not have happened without the collective finding power of the Tile community’s network. Every day, thousands of lost or misplaced items are found by the Tile community passively running the Tile app in the background on their phones.

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