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April 23, 2015

Tile’s Car Tracker Devices Help Find Lost or Stolen Car Fast

Tile is helping people find over 250,000 things a day, and we are happy to announce our first stolen automobile recovered with the Tile tracking app. Although we are not a GPS, it's amazing to see how our dense network is helping other members of the community find lost & stolen objects simply by walking around. The tale below just came in about how the Community Find feature helped a user find their stolen van.

"Dear people of the Tile company,

I have a nice story for you. Our van (Volkswagen T3 Joker ) was stolen during a dinner the 1st of April. The car was tagged with a Tile inside, but I never thought I would see the car ever again. I was afraid the Tile network was not big enough.

After seven days someone tracked our 'lost signal' and I got an email with the exact location of our beloved van. 180 km away from my hometown and in Holland instead of Belgium. After some telephone calls, the police got the van and now our lovely car is back and running.

Thanks a lot."

Vincent Van Alsenoy, Belgium

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