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May 28, 2015

Batting 1000: Keys Left on Train Found by Community Next Day

We got this amazing story from Philip in San Diego, CA. He was confident enough in Tile that he left his keys on a moving train so he wouldn't miss a Padre's ballgame. I got the quote below and called him up to ask about how he knew that they would be found? His answer was that he had used Tile phone app before and was confident in the Community aspect of our product to locate them. This spoke to me personally about the power and density of the Tile Network. Philip left his keys behind on the train, and rather than ruin his evening tracking them down, he let the community do the hard work and picked them up the very next day. Never lose your keys again! That is confidence and peace of mind.

"Saturday afternoon I took the coaster train to the San Diego Baseball game downtown. Right after I got off the train I realized I had left my tile connected keys on the train. It was now on its way up North. I didn't worry too much because of tile, so I enjoyed the game and got a ride home. The next morning my tile app gave me the location of my keys, at a train station a few miles North - they were found. I went there today, had it beep, and shazam I got my keys back. I LOVE my tile".

Thank you,

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