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September 16, 2015

Lost Phone Facts From Tile

We all know the panicked feeling that washes over us when we lose our phones- patting your pockets, scouring the counter tops and shelves, retracing your steps back and forth from the garage, then to the kitchen...or was it the bedroom?

As a dedicated advocate in your search, we wanted to share some fun facts and helpful tips to keep your time searching for your phone to a minimum.

First off, rest assured, you are not alone. After keys and socks, phones are the third most commonly misplaced item. According to, about seven phones are lost in America every second — that’s 12,000 phones a day.

Here are some tips to help you avoid losing your phone and some pointers for finding it quick once it’s gone:

It’s all in the timing:
Research has shown the two thirds of lost phones disappear between 9PM and 2AM. Moreover, any time when you are transitioning from one role to another — like coming home from work, or leaving the house to go to the gym — you are at a higher risk to lose your phone. They’ve even pinpointed the “magic moment” for phone loss: Saturday evenings in December.

Be cognizant of these high-loss time zones. Set an alarm on your phone for the times you are usually going to be leaving the office or your house to make it easier to locate in a rush out the door.

Location, location, location:
According to Mashable, coffee shops, gas stations, supermarkets and pharmacies are lost phone hotspots. The US cities where you are most likely to lose your phone are New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t lose your phone if you change your flight plans to avoid a layover in Atlanta. It just means that when you are in highly populated or unfamiliar areas, it’s critical to be cognizant of where you are placing your belongings.

Win the game before you step on the field:
Losing your phone at some point is inevitable, so it’s best to prepare for the storm.

There are several apps on the market to help you find your lost or misplaced phone. Our personal favorites are Find My iPhone, the Android Device Manager app and, of course, the Tile app.

What is awesome about the Tile app is that you can actually ring your phone using your Tile. Simply double press the “e” to make your phone ring when you are close by. If you don’t own a Tile, the app allows you to quickly find your phone on a map using our website. Through the website you can make your phone ring or send a lock-screen message, providing anyone who finds your phone with instructions on how to return it to you.

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