Want to Find Your Laptop Faster? Try This.

By: Zahra
Tile Tips11.30.2020

Many of us rely on our laptops to help us with work, school, and life in general. They connect us with our peers, organize us, and provide endless amounts of information and entertainment to keep us going. Unfortunately, most laptops are expensive, which means they’re a high-value target for thieves! In fact, according to Gartner, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds in the U.S.

If you’ve ever lost one before, you’ve probably caught yourself thinking, “I’m never going to be able to find my laptop again!” But there's an affordable and easy-to-use option you may not have considered: Tile! It's a simple tool that protects your gear so you can always track it down when you need it.

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What do I do when I can't find my laptop?

First things first: don’t panic! Finding your laptop--or anything else for that matter--is going to be easier when your mind is clear and free to think, so try to shift from pandemonium to problem-solving as soon as you realize it’s not with you. 

Tile makes a great laptop tracker, called Tile Slim, that makes it easy to find your laptop if it’s been lost or stolen. We’ll go into how Tile helps you find your laptop in the next section, but we’ll first start with some old-school tips for anyone who is in the midst of a lost-laptop panic.

Generally speaking, when we’re looking for something we lost (like a laptop or our keys or wallet), there are three main steps we go through in order to find it. Here’s what we recommend:

First, look to see if it’s lost somewhere nearby. If it’s close by but it’s been misplaced, simply moving things around to look under some blankets or behind a pillow could unearth your missing item. 

If it’s not nearby, the second step is to retrace your steps to the last place you had your lost thing. Check your calendar for old appointments where you may have left it behind, and if you drive a car---search it. You might even try literally retracing your steps where you know you walked before to trigger a forgotten memory or to find it where it was dropped. 

If the first two steps don’t help locate what you’re missing, the last thing most people do (and the last thing on our low-tech list) is reaching out to relevant friends and family to join in on the search. 

Tile makes it easier and faster to find what you’re looking for, thanks to our innovative devices and app. To use Tile to find your laptop, add a sleek Tile Slim with a gentle adhesive.

Keep reading to learn more about how Tile works, or grab a Slim for you and a loved one using the button below!

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How does the laptop tracker work?

Tile makes it easy to find your laptop when it’s lost at home or when you’re on-the-go. Attach your Tile Slim to your laptop, and pair it via Bluetooth to the Tile app on your smartphone or tablet. (Tile is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.) Once you Tile is on your laptop and activated in your app, you can use our convenient features within the app to locate it when it’s lost. Tile was designed to reflect how we naturally look for things, with the added help of some powerful technology. Here’s how it works:


When your item is lost somewhere within Bluetooth range, (150ft / 45m for standard models, 300ft / 90m for Pro), there are two ways to find your Tile: by sound or by using the in-app proximity meter.

To find by sound, tap “Find” in the app to make your Tile ring instantaneously, so you can find it faster. It’s the perfect solution for those moments when your laptop is mysteriously hiding under a blanket or in a backpack somewhere at home. The proximity meter helps you find your laptop silently with an easy-to-read display that shows when you’re getting closer or further away.


If it’s lost and not nearby, you can see its Most Recent Location using the map in your app. Your Tile and your app are always communicating, so your app will make a note when they disconnect and offer you directions back to it. If you’ve had a busy day out and about, this simplifies the answer to the question, “where did I have it last?”

If your laptop has been moved or stolen since the last time and place you had it, Tile can take care of that too! The global Tile Network works together to extend the range of your finding power by enabling long-range location updates from other smartphones. To make it work, tap “Notify When Found” in your Tile app. Each time someone with the Tile app comes within range of your laptop, Tile will automatically and anonymously update you on your laptop’s most recent location.

Is Tile a popular laptop tracker?

Still wondering whether or not Tile can actually find your laptop? Here’s a story from an actual Tile user:

“I was on a trip from Cancun, Mexico last November and as I had just gone through customs, I suddenly realized that I left my laptop on the plane. All of my life basically was in there! Although a woman from the airline was trying to help, there wasn’t much we thought we could do. Then, all of a sudden I had an idea. I got the Tile App on my smartphone out and pinged the computer bag. In just a few minutes, a woman was running to me with the computer! “Is this yours? Your medicines are in here too!” Someone heard a sound from the case and ran to figure out what it was and found your computer. “ All was saved, the day was saved. I was so happy that I discovered Tile and enjoy peace of mind. Thank you. Excellent product.” - Alan T.

As you can see, Tile’s Bluetooth laptop tracker can help you find your laptop. If you’re interested in learning more about how Tile can help you locate your laptop, visit our website. We’re always here to help and answer any questions you may have; don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our Help Center. You can also learn more about how Tile can be used with your laptop by following us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.