Use a Car Tracking Device to Make Finding Your Car Easier

By: Tile
Tile Tips12.14.2020

You might think a car is big enough that it would be easy to track down, but the reality is that lost cars are incredibly common. In fact, forgetting where they parked their car is actually the most common driving blunder made by motorists. If you're tired of having to wander up and down the road trying to find your car, you definitely need a Tile car tracker.

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Benefits of a Bluetooth Car Tracking Device

Car trackers save you a lot of time and peace of mind. On average, each person
spends about 40 minutes a year looking for a misplaced vehicle. When you have a Tile, you don't waste a bunch of time pacing around a parking lot. Instead, you can
use that time to catch up with loved ones, run those errands, or grab a tasty coffee!

Being able to locate your car quickly can also be good for your budget. With a car tracker, there's less risk that you'll get a parking ticket. If you have a Tile in your car, you don't have to frantically run around, hoping to find your car before the meter runs out.

Another reason you should be thinking about Bluetooth car trackers is car theft. One vehicle is stolen every 6.5 minutes according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Your car is likely one of your most essential, and expensive, possessions, so having it stolen can be a devastating experience! Bluetooth trackers reduce your risk of losing your car for good. In fact, quite a few Tile users have reported using their Tile car
tracking device to help police find their stolen car and bust a ring of thefts in the process!

How Our Car Tracking Device Works

Tile makes car tracking affordable and easy. All you have to do is pick any Tile tracker (we recommend the Tile Pro for maximum power) and pop it in your glove box or under a car seat. Then, simply download the Tile app, which is available for both iOS and Android. Keep it running in the background on your phone, and you have access to all sorts of great car tracking features.

As long as you're in Bluetooth range of your car, you can tap the "Find" feature on the app to make your Tile ring. Follow the sound to find your car in a busy parking lot crowded with a bunch of similar-looking vehicles. Another perk of our app is that it tells you the last known location of your car before you went out of range. Ever walk out of a restaurant and draw a blank on which street you parked on? Since the Tile app stored the exact location where you left your car, it will give you directions to the correct location.

In the unlucky event that your car gets towed or stolen, you can count on the global Tile Network to have your back. Instead of freaking out about your lost car, just activate your vehicle as lost on the Tile app. Then, every phone running the Tile app will automatically and anonymously start scanning for the lost Tile in your car. If someone with the Tile app goes by your vehicle, you’ll instantaneously get an alert with your car's latest location. This can help you or the police recover your vehicle.

It's important to note that Tile takes your information and privacy seriously. Even when using the Tile Network, all your information is completely protected and private to you.

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Why You Should Use a Car Tracking Device

Still not convinced you need a car tracker? Read on for a great car recovery story from Lowell, one of our customers. Lowell and his wife had decided to go on a fun cruise for a little adventure, but they never expected what would happen when they got back!

Unbeknownst to Lowell, construction had happened on his street while they were on vacation and his car had been towed from his street. Initially, Lowell and his wife had forgotten about the car tracker stashed away in the glove box and panicked, but they quickly remember they could use the finding features in their Tile app to track it down.

The quick check proved to be worth it almost immediately. At first, Lowell's Tile app and tracker were showing the last place his car had been—the place he parked it! But it wasn’t there of course. He hit "Notify When Found" to activate the global Tile Network and get alerted when another Tile device passed within range. In just a few moments, he received an update from the Tile Network with the new location of his car! Happily, Lowell and his wife were able to track their lost car down to where it had been towed to retrieve it.

As you can see, keeping a Tile in your car gives you peace of mind about your car's location. You can confidently handle stressful situations like forgotten parking spots, towed cars, and even theft. If you would like to find the best Tile for your car, visit our products page for more details. Interested in seeing how other people use their Tile? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more great tips!