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Our story 

Tile is the result of one man’s quest to help his wife find the (many, many) things she lost. As it turns out, she wasn’t alone.

Now 5 years and 10 million Tiles later, Tile is creating a world where everyone can find everything that matters. When you’ve lost something, getting it back safe and sound can feel impossible. But thanks to Tile, there’s a community of people out there helping that thing you love find its way back home.

We believe that loss should be a thing of the past, and that lending a helping hand should be effortless. We’re not here to simply connect people to things. We’re here to connect people to people, because things don’t change the world. People do.

Together we find.

More about Tile

Tile is giving everything the power of smart location. Our devices, network and mobile app work together to help people locate their things. Tile's global community spans 230 countries and territories and helps people locate more than 2 million unique items every day. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California with a second office in Portland, Oregon. Investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, GGV Capital and Khosla Ventures.

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We're looking for the right people

When you walk through our doors, the first thing you'll notice is that we haven't bought in to the startup stereotype. Our office is more functional than hip. We work fast, we collaborate, and we believe that every member of our team should share in the success. If that sounds like the kind of family you want to join, we're looking for the right people

Disclaimer about Recruiting Agencies

As a key part of its recruiting policy, Tile prefers to source candidates by partnering with a small number of preferred agencies. Therefore, we do not accept resumes on an unsolicited basis from agencies. Our policy is to pay a fee only if: a candidate is presented under a signed recruiting contract; and we have explicitly authorized the agency to submit resumes for an identified job opening. With regard to candidates presented to Tile in the absence of a signed contract, and/or without agreement to fill an identified opening, Tile reserves the right to hire unsolicited candidates without financial obligation to outside agencies. Tile employees may not modify the terms of this notice, nor waive the requirement for a written contract prior to submission of candidates.

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