Tile, the world's largest
lost and found.

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preordered Tiles totaling $2,681,297.

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Keeping track
of stuff on the go

The Tile App on your phone makes it easy to find your Tile(s) anywhere, anytime.

  • More is better

    Use Tile on as many things as you want.
    Add up to 10 Tiles on an account.

  • You can share access to Tiles with friends,
    family, and trusted coworkers.

  • Take that, couch cushions

    Tiles will sound an alert if triggered.
    If you can hear it, you can find it.

  • The last place seen

    The Tile app remembers where it last saw your Tile, so you can easily find it right where you left it.


Strength in numbers

With the Tile community, it's like having the rest of the world help you find what you're looking for.

Features Overview

  • iOS Compatible

    Works with iPhone 4S and newer, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd gen and newer, and iPod Touch 5th gen and newer.

  • You're getting warmer

    You can see yourself getting closer and further away from the Tile when within a 50 - 150ft range.

  • No batteries to replace?

    Nope, you never need to replace the batteries or even charge your Tiles.

  • A whole year?

    Tiles last a year. We'll remind you when it's time to order new Tiles and send you an envelope to recycle your old ones.

  • Now hear this

    Tiles come with a built-in speaker so you can easily hear it in close range.

  • Right where you left it

    The Tile app saves the last GPS location it saw your Tile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preorder now for Summer 2014